Snapchat Planets Order 2023 Meanings, Explained with Pictures

Snapchat and its updates: when I first heard about “Snapchat planet order, “I was a little confused because I had a clear idea about Snapchat. It’s a chat box app, but I am genuinely confused about “Planet Order.” I think about why people are curious about Snapchat Planets Order. However, after some digging, I realized it is Snapchat, and Snapchat introduced a  Snapchat Plus version with some features. Snap planet order is one of them that works like a natural solar system.

Snapchat planet order is an outstanding feature of Snapchat. This feature assigns us the different planets of your friends based on how much you connect with your friends on Snapchat. So, in this blog, I will discuss Snapchat planet order and pictures 1-8 numbers with you and everything you need: the Snapchat Solar System. And how does it work?

What Does Snapchat Planets Mean?

First of all, we need to know what the Snapchat Planets means. Here, Snapchat Planets is Snapchat’s personal Solar System. You are the Sun, and the rest of the Planets (depending on their order) are Snapchatters close to you. Snapchat Plus Planet is a friendship arrangement on Snapchat through which you can measure your friendship with all the friends you chat with. Snapchat planet order compares our friends to planets and, on that basis, assigns us different worlds.

The friends you talk to the most and share streaks are the 8 Friends. Snapchat sees all the criteria; after that, it assigns the different Planets that look like natural solar Planet systems. Each Planet has its characteristics with other hearts. For example, if your Planet is Mercury, it means you are the closest friend of your friend group. If you are a Snapchat user, you know there are two lists of friends:” One is a friend, and the other is a best friend.” If your friend’s Planet is Mercury, these are your best friends, but if your friend’s Planet is Neptune, they are just added for streaks that are close friends but not close enough. 

What is Snapchat Plus Planets and Order?

The order means “Snapchat planets in the solar system give eight different planets of your friends.” When you choose your friend eight friends and make a circle of 8 friends, just like a planet revolving around the Sun, Snapchat Plus planet order allows you to choose your eight closest friends and make just a planet circle around the Sun. The meaning of Snapchat plus the solar System is straightforward, but staying connected to your friends and relatives is best.

Snapchat has devised an excellent idea to spice up the interface of Snapchat, and Snapchat Plus is the best example. Snapchat allows you to choose your first eight friends and circle like the solar planet system. Each Planet has its characters and different hearts and colors. If your friend is assigned Mercury planet, that friend is your closest friend. Snapchat Plus does not allow you to choose your eight most intimate friends. It has some features that spiced the interface of Snapchat.

Different Snapchat Planets Order List

  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Earth
  • Mars
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn
  • Uranus
  • Neptune

Snapchat Planets Explained;

Here are all the planets where we can read each Planet’s meaning.


This Planet revolves around your Chat. It rules your closest friend with whom you interact the most. The friend with whom you communicate most appears at the top of the friend list. It indicates that you have a powerful friendship with her from Mercury star.

  • Pink-Coloured Planet.
  • The red heart around the Earth.murcury solar syatem-snap planet order


Next comes the second star, representing your friends who are unique to you but are no closer to you than your Mercury friends. You may not have a close relationship with these friends, but they are still part of your social circle; it’s added to Venus planet.

  • Sandy-colored Planet.
  • Pink, blue, and yellow hearts.venus solar planet-planet order snap


Planet Earth is a friend who forms a large part of your interactions but does not engage in many activities with you. These are the people with whom you have made contact but with whom you have little interaction.

  • Green and blue coloured Earth.
  • Red heliocentric system--planet order snap


These are your friends who are far from your circle, so this star corresponds to the planet Mars. You don’t have much friendship with them and can’t see their stories. Because of their distance, they are compared to the planet Mars. 

  • Red-coloured Planet.
  • Purple, blue hearts around the Earth.mars-solar system


Jupiter plant friends come much later; you only talk to them occasionally. You don’t know much about Jupiter plant friends. 

  • Orange color planet.
  • Pink, blue,  and yellow stars.jupiter planet order-order system


And the following friends from the Jupiter plant join the Sartum plant of Up. Your conversation with them is just formal. You don’t know anything about them. This type of friend adds to Saturn’s Planet. 

  • The yellow-colored Planet has a gold ring around it.
  • Pink, blue, and yellow stars around the Earth.sturan planetsyatem-order planet


Uranus Planet friends are those you don’t know anything about that person and are added to your friend list just for the streak. You don’t chat with them, and you don’t know much about them; they don’t know much about you.

  • Green-coloured Planet.
  • Purple, blue, and yellow stars revolve around the Earth.
    uranus planet order


The Neptune plant is the last one you don’t know about, and it’s among your most distant friends. It puts him on your previous friend list, which comes last, which is called Neptune Planet Friends.

  • Blue-coloured Planet.
  • Blue stars around the Earth.snaporder-planet neptune

Snapchat Planet Order BFF &bsf Chart /list

Snapchat assigns planets to your friends based on how much you are connected to your friends. After that, you can see the Planet of your Friendship profile, and on that basis, you can know your friends and how much they are connected to you.


How To Access Snapchat Solar System?

Open your Snapchat app, then tap your profile icon at the top left corner.

2: tap on your profile icon. 

3: Scroll down till you see the Snapchat+ badge

4: Now, tap on Snapchat +badge  

5: Choose your subscription plan and start with your free seven-day trial. 

Note: Once your free trial starts, you can head to any Snapchatters (your close friend) and check what Planet you assign in their Solar System. 

Snapchat Planets: What is Friends Solar Planet System 

Snapchat friend solar system is an outstanding feature of Snapchat. It spiced up the interface of Snapchat. Globally, this innovation is highly liked. It offers to choose your eight closest friends and circle them like the Planet around the Sun. The concept of Snapchat is straightforward but very effective in staying connected to your best friends. You have a clearer idea about that solar System. Now, you can have a close friend here, and each friend matches a particular planetary body.

Snapchat planet order and your friend’s solar System are all just for fun; don’t take it seriously, and don’t judge your friends by their Planet because you do not chat with them on Snapchat; you talk with them like other social media platforms, WhatsApp, install, or Facebook. Additionally, the premium does not just let you see the eight closest friends; you have some exclusive features to enjoy.

How Does Snapchat’s Friend’s Solar System Work?

I hope you all understand. What is Snapchat planet order? Now, the turn is how to work the Snapchat friend solar system. So, as a Snapchat Plus subscriber, you will see “he badges when you open your friend’s profile; one is “best friend, “and the other is “Friends”; you also see them with a gold ring around their Planet. Snapchat shows these planets in front of those friends whom You would need to talk to daily and back-forth snaps to this person, and after that, Snapchat offers these best friends or friends gold rings around their badge.

If you want to see the Planet of your friend’s profile, Follow these steps.

  • Open your fr.” and profile, and you will see the badges of “best friend” and” friend”.
  • Tabs on the badge, you see the Planet. After that, you know how close you are to your friend.

friends snap-chat plus badge

What do we do if the Snapchat Friend solar system  is not working

If you go to your friend’s profile and you don’t see any planet on a gold ring around their profile, it means the friend’s solar Snapchat planet order is not working” ” but that is not necessarily the case.

In this case, there are only two possible explanations. You must be on their best friends list to see your spot in their solar System. To view Friend Solar Systems, you and your friend must have a linked Bitmoji. At the same time, you don’t get a Plus subscription to refresh Snapchat and see again. Still, if the issue repeats, your Plus subscription retakes after your friend’s solar System works.


How can all planets possibly assign that person as your best friend?
Snapchat planet order assigns you the Planet based on your daily snap streaks and Chat. If you chat daily with your friend, Snapchat gives out the Mercury planet of your friend because Mercury is the first Planet in the solar system as well, and that is the best friend of your friend group.

In our friend circle, which friends are our best friends?
The Planet, which shows red, blue, and yellow hearts, revolves around the Earth, called your best friend.
What is the meaning of ++ planet on Snapchat?
Tap on Snapchat Plus to show you which planet is in your friend’s solar system. Each world offers a different position in your friend’s solar circle. For example, if your friend is the Sun and you are Earth ( Earth is the third planet in the solar system), so are the third number of friends in their best friends list.
What planet is #1 on the Snapchat solar system?
Mercury is the closest Planet to the sun in the real solar system. Similarly to the actual friend Solar planet system, Mercury is the first Planet representing your first closest friend in your eight-friend circle.
Is Snapchat a safe app?
Yes, Snapchat is a safe app because it’s all messages, and the chat box is clear after viewing. It’s up to you how Snapchat settings


Snapchat Friend solar system is a fantastic way that all members of Plus subscribers enjoy. It has interactive features like sharing streaks, assigning your friend’s Planet, and appearing different emojis in front of the username according to how connected you are; see astrological assign. Snapchat has more gaming elements. Snapchat Plus is one because it has all the details that users enjoy, but it is a paid membership. But its price is nothing compared to its features. So save time, get access to Snapchat Plus, and enjoy it. If you can access Snapchat+, you must try seeing your friend’s planets.